Individual consultation:

  • One-to-one meetings that are goal-focused and timed to fit your individual needs, schedule and pace
  • Understand what running a practice is like and determine if it is a fit for you now or later
  • Understand the cost and planning needed to start your business, and have readily available supports to help you
  • Design your own classical or “off-road” OT private practice that fits your and your community’s interests
  • Develop your ideas into business-ready concepts
  • Learn the most critical first steps in creating a practice of your own
  • Know what you’ll need before you see your first client
  • Learn how to market yourself and your practice to referral sources and clients
  • Locate sources of ongoing support and education that fit your needs

Not sure if individual consultation is right for you? Use our rubric to help you decide.


  • Free initial get acquainted and exploratory session.
  • Personalized, goal-focused sessions ($90 per hour, prorated)

Small group telephone or web-based meetings:

  • Connect with others who are initiating independent OT practices
  • Discuss questions and concerns about private practice with Debora


  • Initial and general or open topics sessions are free
  • Pre-arranged didactic sessions ($50 per hour, prorated)

Authentic OT Facebook Page:

  • Share in conversations on topics that you care about
  • Be inspired and reminded of how OT improves lives every day
  • Gather ideas for ways to make your practice more authentic