Leaps and Bounds: An Authentic OT Practice

Leaps and Bounds: An Authentic OT Practice

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I am proud and excited to share with you an OT practice that is truly authentic.

Leaps & Bounds is a family-focused pediatric OT practice that grew out of the shared vision of two couples. Lisa Cooseman and Carrie Salyer, two OT pals, envisioned a practice to help children outside of the typical boundaries of the education system. Their husbands, Matt and Rob (an OT and a business guy) soon joined in to grow needed services for local children and families.

Lisa and Matt Cooseman invited us into their kitchen to share their enjoyment and excitement at being able to provide real OT based on the needs of the children and their families. I loved learning about the many ways that they continuously design and test new client-centered, holistic services. I think you’ll be inspired, too!

I invite you to listen to the podcast and send any question you may have to me or to Lisa and Matt.

Their website is http://www.leapsandboundskids.com

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