Growing Your Practice the OT Way

Growing Your Practice the OT Way

Sometimes when I look at the information that’s out there to help people start independent OT, PT, SLP, and other types of therapy practices, I am struck by how overwhelming it all seems. Identify your niche! Evaluate the market! Create a brand! Incorporate your practice! Locate and secure a space! Set your fee! What, you’re not on social media yet? Where’s your website?

It feels as if people are expected to hop onto a fast-moving conveyor belt requiring unfamiliar tasks that are time-consuming, expensive and anxiety-provoking. No wonder so few practitioners actually pursue their dreams of practicing independently.

I am suggesting a new way to approach starting your own unique OT practice. Something that provides the structure and information you’ll need to develop a practice that works, yet is paced in a way that preserves your sanity and sense of stability as you go along.

You see, as an OT I know that the best, most durable changes occur when learning and doing present a meaningful, just-right challenge: not too easy, not too hard, and not haphazard.

Interested? Stay tuned!

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