Free Webinar: Helping Clients Transition To Adulthood

Free Webinar: Helping Clients Transition To Adulthood

An Authentic OT Approach for Facilitating Clients’ Transition to Adulthood

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Young and mid-life adults with learning, developmental, and/or mental health disabilities sometimes find it impossible to achieve their life goal and full potential. The publicly-funded service system is not be a fit for many, and traditional counseling and psychiatric care alone may not be enough to enable essential everyday behavioral changes and skills development.

Bright Futures is a unique home- and community-based occupational therapy private practice that has a proven track record of helping clients who had been stuck at home for months or years, with no hope or ideas for how to have more. Our success with many clients has surprised all involved, and taken them the full distance to their ultimate goals for career, independent living, education, and social connection.

This presentation provides a detailed overview of what Bright Futures is and does, and how it compares with more traditional services. The ultimate goal of the presentation is to inspire and inform occupational therapists wanting to deliver OT in real-life contexts and to practice independently.



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