Marget Wincent, OTR: A Conversation

A Conversation with Marget Wincent, OTR               Click HERE TO  Listen!


A Bee in My Bonnet

I know that what I have to say here will probably be controversial and possibly misconstrued by some, but I am just too nettled to keep quiet any longer. I love our profession of occupational therapy as much as anyone, I have been a dues-paying […]


Self-Determination: An ADL Worth Addressing

Did you know that the cluster of attitudes and skills that fall under the umbrella of “self-determination” have been shown to be one of the strongest predictors of success for people with disabilities’ attainment of their transition goals? It’s as necessary to quality of life […]


Mandy Chamberlain, MOTR, owner of Seniors Flourish

Click HERE for the Podcast Join me for a conversation with Mandy Chamberlain, MOTR, owner of Seniors Flourish, a web-based source of inspiration and information for OT practitioners serving older adults. Mandy’s enthusiasm for her clinical work is energizing. Her deep understanding of ways to […]


My New ADL

One of the axioms that I traditionally adhered to in my professional life was to leave my politics out of the picture. My clients, colleagues and students come from diverse cultures and walks of life and our work did not relate to politics. Talking about […]


Nurturing Your Career

I feel very fortunate to have come of age as an occupational therapist in the 1980s. Granted, the fashions and hairstyles were questionable (what were we thinking?), but it was just before the corporatization of health care, and community mental health care was robust. Because […]

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New Habits: My New Career

In the past six months I have experienced a lot of changes to my regular activities. My life has quite metamorphosed and in many ways bears little resemblance to what I was doing one year ago. For one thing, my husband (Ken) and I moved […]


Authenticating Your OT Practice in 5 Steps

  Authentic Occupational Therapy emerged from my realization that all OTs learn the history and philosophy that are the basis for classical occupational therapy, but many never get to experience the fullness of that kind of rich practice in real life. I know this because […]


Leaps and Bounds: An Authentic OT Practice

Click Here to Listen To The Podcast I am proud and excited to share with you an OT practice that is truly authentic. Leaps & Bounds is a family-focused pediatric OT practice that grew out of the shared vision of two couples. Lisa Cooseman and […]


Free Webinar: Helping Clients Transition To Adulthood

An Authentic OT Approach for Facilitating Clients’ Transition to Adulthood Click Here Young and mid-life adults with learning, developmental, and/or mental health disabilities sometimes find it impossible to achieve their life goal and full potential. The publicly-funded service system is not be a fit for […]


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